Medical Reporting Organisation Agreement

The size of our company and the sophistication of our service platform allow us to offer competitive prices for our forensic reporting and screening services. This practice has raised concerns. Medical reporting organizations (also known as forensic agencies) have been the answer to the problem. They shall maintain a database of appropriate experts and may be used to appoint and mandate such experts on behalf of one of the Parties. As the selection of an expert was remote, the request for impartiality was met. The agreement applies to family doctor reports, orthopaedists or accident and emergency reports in the event of a road accident and rights arising from the employer`s civil or professional liability insurance. It will only apply to cases where compensation for injuries is expected to be less than £15,000. The amount calculated depends on the level of the expert and whether he has been asked to check the medical documents (family medicine experts are not always expected). When the expert submits a report, the invoice is sent directly to the other side for payment and the amount of the tax depends on the time it takes them to pay it. Historically, there have been problems with experts considered “weapons for rent”. A party asserting a claim would order a medical expert who was known to prefer the victims to prepare a medical report detailing the injuries sustained. Insurance companies would use medical experts who were kind to them. All that happened was that the costs would swell and the process would become a lottery.

The draft schedule puts the cost of obtaining the medical records at a maximum of £30, plus the direct costs of the registrant of the records, and is limited to a total of £80. It also introduces a fee of £180 for a report from a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy as well as a £80 limit for the cost of asking written questions to the expert in accordance with Rule 35.6. It states: “The applicants` representatives argued that, in these circumstances, the penalty should consist only of the costs of the report not being refundable, but the defendant`s representatives are concerned that this is not a sufficient deterrent and that, in addition, a premedical offer may be permitted in these exceptional circumstances”. The Department of Justice then introduced fixed fees for traffic accidents and personal injury claims. .