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Get premium market data from the most liquid stock markets in the U.S. as well as Canadian streaming data. Snap rate included: S&P indices, Dow Jones indices, Russell Indices, TSX Venture Level 1, MX Options Level 1, Pink OTC Market Level 1. Plus Index Quotes: TSX Indices and TSX Risk Composite Index Like angelus97 commented on Reddit, you can avoid ECN fees by making sure you don`t withdraw cash from the market. Our free standard snap rates allow you to access: Level 1 U.S. ExchangesLe level 1 Canadian ARCA exchanges Level 1NASDAQ Level 1NYSE Level 1NYSE Level 1OTC Bulletin Board Level 1Pin Level OTC Market Level 1OTC Bulletin Board Level 1OPRA Level 1 TSX Level 1TSX Level 1MX Options Level 1 Plus Index quotes: TSX indices, TSX Indices, Dow Jones Indices, S&P Indices. All Questrade platforms offer news feed. Customers can read news about certain companies and the global economy from sources such as Business Wire and Canada Newswire. Research reports and analysis on companies are available from Market Intelligence, a core and research service managed by Morningstar, on assets traded in all major North American markets, including TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE American and NYSE Arca. Questrade trading screens are limited. There is a relatively simple stock and options screen that contains only simple criteria such as price, volume, volatility and fundamentals.

Technical or statistical criteria are not proposed. Free real-time market data is available at Questrade in web and mobile apps, but you need to know the trick to get it. If you log in to your trading dashboard and download the buy and sell form for a given stock, you will find a small arrow at the top right of the stock information. NOTE: These two data packages can be offered for free if you generate at least 400 $US commission per month. At $4.95/Trade, you can see about 80 trades per month. Our extensive streaming data package gives you access to: Level 1 U.S. Stock ExchangesLe level 1 ARCA Canadian Exchanges Level 1BATS Level 1 EDGE LEVEL 1NASDAQ Level 1NYSE Level 1NYSE Level 1OTSE Bulletin Board Level 1OPRA Level 1 NEO Level 1 and Level 2TSX Level 1 Dow Jones Indices, Russell Indices, TSX Venture Level 1, MX Options Level 1, level 1 of the pink OVER-the-counter market. Plus index quotes: TSX Indices and TSX Venture Composite Index By default, 15 minutes of late price data are displayed, but if you click on the small arrow, you automatically get the share price in real time.

Real-time data of a security in one click on Questrade`s trading platforms. Market data is your take on the stock markets. It`s your way of looking at the whole thing and getting more information – so you never miss anything. orders of Questrades are essentially divided into two groups. There is normal pricing and even lower prices when you sign up for “The Questrade Advantage” (i.e. you are an active trader and sign up for a market data package – to learn more about the market data below). For more information, see the snapshot below for general pricing and sections. . . .