Limited Use Copyright Agreement

There are a number of issues to be addressed with regard to compensation, in particular financial compensation. Will the licensor be paid per use of content (e.g. B per article or photo), per media (for example. B via the Internet, intranet or blog), for the period of access to the content or after a fee set for a specified period with unlimited use during this period? There are no standards for the method of payment – it depends on what works for the parties involved. In the absence of an automatic renewal clause, the license can only be renewed by a new license agreement signed by both parties. If your creative works are protected by copyright, you can direct who uses your works and how. Other names in this document: copyright license, copyright license agreement The inclusion of an electronic ILL in licensing agreements between publishers (and other content owners) and libraries is a bit controversial, and agreements about its inclusion or not vary. One of the reasons it`s controversial is that traditional ILL means that the printed materials were shared with another library and then returned to the original library.