The Sql Server License Agreement Cannot Be Located For The Selected

TITLE: SQL Server installation error. —————————— SQL Server configuration was the following error: Can`t find the SQL Server license agreement for the selected ENTERPRISE edition. This may be due to the fact that the damaged media have been damaged or that the output is not supported by the media. Error code 0x858C001B. Click: —————————— BUTTONS: OK —————————— The SQL Server License Agreement cannot be found for the selected edition . This may be due to the fact that the damaged media have been damaged or that the output is not supported by the media. 0x858C001B, language, settings, SQL Server, SQL Server 2014, Windows To solve this problem, select one of the following options: I uninstall SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition with SP3 x64 en on a Windows 7 Professional SP1 and I get the following error: . To change the settings of the operating system 1 user interface. If it`s not installed yet, install the MUI operating system that matches your localized version of SQL Server. 2. In the Configuration Panel, open regional and voice options.

3. In the Languages tab for the language used in menus and dialog boxes, select a value from the list. This option affects the language of the SQL Server user interface, so it must match the localized version of SQL Server. 4. Click Apply to confirm the change, and OK to close the window. One of our members of our Facebook group SQL Server tried to install SQL Server in 2012 when he received the following error message. EVAL – Data Center Businesses Standard Web Business Intelligence Working Group Express. .

If you`ve downloaded the same version of the same SQL Server support area two or more times and you`re still receiving the same error message, try downloading the English VERSION in the U.S. to see if you can successfully install SQL Server this time, as explained in this thread. . In this article, you will find more information on this subject: (v-sql.105) .aspx. Note that this is SQL Server 2008 R2, but it is also applicable to SQL Server 2012. . This error is probably caused by a damaged media, as indicated in the error message. If you re-convert the operating system`s zone settings to “French (France), you should be able to install the SQL with the French installation support. . I`ve read a lot of threads about the problem on the site and others, but none have solved it. So here are the points, which I tried: – I downloaded the package from the MSDN site twice, – I extracted the archive with WinRar, – I have the extract folder in the location C:`, – I put the language of my computer from “French (France)” to “English (US)” and “English (UK)” for, but I have an error message if I launch the setup with a language other than French, – I deleted the folder “Setup Bootstrap” between each try: “Setup Bootstrap” under C:The program files, Microsoft SQL Server,110, – The 9 operations from the “configuration support rules” are all passed, – It is a new computer so there is no old SQL Server installation before and there is no trace of SQL Server in the list of programs , – I`m an administrator on my computer – I tried to start the installation with the command “Run as an administrator.”