Passport Custody Agreement

If M./Madame – A foreign parent can obtain a foreign passport for a child and, depending on the country, the child can travel with a parent`s foreign passport. A child under the age of 16 must apply for a passport in person. The child must be accompanied by both parents, as required by the federal law on the consent of two parents, and proof of the nationality of the child (U.S. birth certificate; a valid and intact U.S. passport (may have expired), a foreign birth certificate. Similarly, if the parties fail to agree on whether children should travel abroad (which the courts generally consider to be a common decision on child custody), a State Court judge may authorize or restrict international travel as part of his or her decision-making power on issues of concern and visitation. Therefore, if there is a remote possibility of this problem occurring, a parent or their lawyer can and should ask the court to impose travel restrictions such as timing, location and frequency, and to require the travelling parent to provide a detailed itinerary and contact information during the trip. It also means that if you are planning international trips with the child, you should start making these plans (including obtaining a passport) well in advance, in order to allow time for negotiation by lawyers or litigation by potentially overburdened court titles. Another important thing to note is the possibility of using the children`s passport exposure program if you think the other parent can apply for a passport to remove the child without your consent through fraud or other methods. The Children`s Passport Exposure Program allows the U.S. Department of State`s Office of Children`s Issues to contact registered parents or legal guardians to verify that the parental obligation to approve the issuance of minor passports is met when a passport application has been made for the registered child. In addition, when enrolling a child in the children`s passport program, the U.S.

State Department may notify parents or legal guardians who have applied for a pending passport and past passport shipments for the child. Only U.S. citizens or children eligible for U.S. citizenship under the age of 18 can participate in the Children`s Passport Issuance Alert Alert Program. Enrolling your child in the Children`s Passport Exhibition Program (CPIAP) is very important. In this way, we can tell you if your child`s passport is issued before the passport is issued. The government`s rules on obtaining children`s passports should protect children from being transferred across international borders without authorization or during a custody dispute. None of the parents can apply for a passport in the child`s name without the permission of the court or the other parent. Are you involved in a custody dispute? Are you afraid that your child may be taken abroad by the other parent without your knowledge? If you are concerned that the children will not be repatriated, you should receive immediate legal assistance.