Kaspersky License Agreement Violated Databases Are Corrupted

When you click the Fix button, the Security Problems window opens with the error “Black List of Keys Is Corrupted.” The message “Key blacklist is corrupted” is also displayed in the License window and the license status becomes invalid. The error “License problem detected. We cannot verify that the databases match the end user`s license agreement” is displayed during the database update trial. The system protection indicator in the main view turns red and the database message appears damaged. Start KSE 8 or 10 by clicking on the icon in the taskbar. I then failed to look at the planned tasks and the update task displayed – blacklist of damaged sites. I don`t have a screenshot of the message, but that would be where you see the update, etc. I think he also said that he failed at 1%, which is more or less in the inauguration of time. If the above method didn`t help and the update process ended with the same error, restart the application and re-update the databases. Do as follows: The application and network agent status has been executed, which of course means that real-time monitoring is executed. I also restarted the KLNAGE service on the local workstation to check that it communicates with KSC. This was followed by a reboot. No change yet.

To find out which app is installed on your computer, use this article`s manual. Okay, you now need to move on to the next directory via Windows Explorer, –> C: , ProgramData, Kaspersky Lab, KES8, Bases or %-Networkage. The 8 can of course be replaced by 10 if you operate KES 10. I`ve deleted all DAT, XML and XMS files in this directory. I left the sub-repertory untouched. If the problem persists, contact Kaspersky`s technical support through the My Kaspersky service. Add the following files: Enable/deactivate self-defense in Kaspersky Internet Security 2013So uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security 2013So install Kaspersky Internet Security 2013So enable/disable the display of hidden files and folders Information about the use of Kaspersky Myy is on the corresponding FAQ page. Wait until the update process is complete. Make sure the product has been updated and is working normally.

This error message is misleading. I have a workstation displayed in the Kaspersky Security Center state report as “Protection is disabled.” But this was not the case after many bug fixes. I then went back to the KES app and manually started updating the database.