Community Benefit Agreements Examples

CBA campaigns to spread the economic benefits of development in low-income communities are also attacking New England. In December 2014, the Somerville Redevelopment Authority and Union Square Station Associates reached an agreement for a major development project that would include a community planning process and a CBA. [5] The planning process should include public workshops, public design carts, community notices in several languages, and a neighbourhood plan for the rehabilitation of seven blocks. [6] In order to facilitate the CBA`s negotiations, the Mayor of Somerville commissioned a real estate consulting firm, LOCUS, to conduct public relations and involve the community. [7] The Working Families Partnership is a national network of leading regional interest groups that develops innovative solutions for national economic and environmental issues. The organization hosts the Community Benefits Law Center, which provides resources to municipalities that follow community benefit agreements. A CBA needs a lot of time and resources to respond to only a certain development. As mentioned above, kingsbridge CBA lasted 17 years, countless hours of community organizing and hundreds of hours of lawyer. Given the time required to negotiate a CBA, CBAs are unlikely to resolve all land use issues, but their investigation can provide useful data. For example, in a survey of 225 CBA participants, respondents felt that “increasing public participation in development outcomes” was a unique way to improve the development process. [12] Perhaps participating in a CBA negotiation process will increase the public interest in participating in development processes and other issues that affect their neighbourhoods in general.

Increased interest in local development is particularly useful in low-income communities, where residents are generally less likely to participate in government processes. Implementation. A CBA can ensure that a developer`s promises in terms of community benefits are legally enforceable. Developers “often make promises that are never written in project approval documents, and even if they are, they may not be monitored and implemented by the relevant government authorities. The establishment of an enforcement mechanism or the expansion of the class of parties who are able to implement these commitments will significantly simplify the implementation of the DECISIONS. The consensus among the parties concerned indicated that KARA did represent the interests of the people of the Community in order to share the economic benefits of the rehabilitation of the weapons arsenal.