Coats & Corpses Records was started back in 1994, under the name Closet Records, by members Page Ten and Eat Muthafucka Eat. Originally conceived as a mark of credibility given to the cassette tapes we recorded in our spare time while learning to play musical instruments. Ultimately it was also used to make albums we sold seem more fancy.

In 2001 the name was changed to Coats & Corpses after finding out there was already an established record label called Closet Records. The name was chosen with the idea that it was something no one else would ever think of or want.

In 2008 the domain name coatsandcorpses.com was purchased as a place to keep all of the old information from our free websites in existence, as many free website hosts were beginning to cancel service on the free websites. Using the label name we were able to save money rather than buying a domain for each band.

Today, we are using this website as a place to keep our memories alive in the event of loss. Our current focus is to revive the old releases of Belleville Hardcore/Punk/Emo scene since the dawn of our label. A lot of great bands came from our town and our friends, and this is a place where people can come and reflect on the albums that have come out over the years.